El Salvador, will be released as DeNations’ 30th nation

El Salvador, the smallest but most densely populated country in Central America and the first country which officially adopts bitcoin as legal tender, is unveiled as the 30th nation of the DeNations. (sale starts at 8:00 UTC, June 17th, 2021)

For the first 10 days only, you can be the owner of El Salvador at a 50% discount. Only 100 limited quantities will be released in the first round and the price will go up in 10 days so hurry. Moreover, owners of 1st round can receive the Founder Tax for 2nd round.

The sale price is based on 2019 GDP while the tax rate you receive is based on current DGDP.

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Ensuring SMTS utility value of 0.001 USD
Ensuring DENA utility value of 15 USD