Ensuring SMTS utility value of 0.001 USD

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SMTS’s utility value ≥ 0.001 USD

  • We guarantee the minimum utility value of SMTS at 0.001 USD when setting the price of the newly minted NFT to SMTS.
  • We want support SMTS’s value and the development of DeNations by this policy.

For example, the first weekly sale price of the Nation ownership NFT card of Estonia, released by the DeNations’ Initial Nations Offering (INO), is 33.37 USD. Thus, the price of Nation ownership NFT card of Estonia, which can be purchased by SMTS, is set at 33,370 SMTS (33.37 USD/0.001 USD).

  • Therefore, it is advantageous to purchase NFT cards using SMTS over other coins if the price of SMTS is less than 0.001 USD.
  • At the time of writing, the price of SMTS traded at Dcoin is 0.0002999 USD and at Uniswap is 0.00041470531

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