Tax Farm Increase Policy

  • As Nation Ownership holders are getting familiar with Tax Farming, we want to gradually normalize the amount of DENA used for Tax Farming.
  • # of DENA distributed through Tax Farm will increase according to total registered DGDP.
  • The more you register your Ownership, the more DENA will be rewarded through Tax.
  • This policy is valid through Year 1 of DeNations (until Dec. 16th, 2021)
  • We are raising weekly Tax to 1,500 DENA/week (50% increase)
    - Since the total registered DGDP on July 1st is 1,242,230 DGDP.
    - Effective from July 26th, 2021 UTC 8:00 AM
  • Below is the table that shows the Registered DGDP vs. Total Tax Pool Rate.