Switzerland, will be released as DeNations’ 8th nation.

Switzerland, will be released as DeNations’ 8th nation.

OWN a Nation, BUILD Cities and Civilizations, and GET RICH with taxes and token farming yield.

Switzerland, the first nation who approved IPO based on blockchain and accepting tax with cryptocurrency starting 2021(according to Morgan Stanley’s announcement) will be unveiled as the 8th nation of the DeNations. (sale starts at 8:00 UTC, January 21. 2021)

For the first week only, you can be the owner of Switzerland at a 50% discount. Only 100 limited quantities will be released in the first round and the price will goes up in 7 days so hurry.

Buy Nation NFT card>
Learn more about DeNations>

Ensuring SMTS utility value of 0.001 USD
Ensuring DENA utility value of 5 USD




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