Scam Alert regarding DENA

The contract address for DENA (Decentralized Nations, NFT-DeFi project), the official token of the Decentralized Nations, is 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA.

The only official route to get DENA is

Any other tokens with different contract addresses or different Uniswap/Balancer swapping links are not related to our project and may be considered a scam.

There has been an increased number of DENA-related scams as we just launched official DENA mining program.
We recently found a scam token named after DENA which created Uniswap liquidity pool.(

DENA has no pre-sales, no preminting, so any claims related to these may also considered as scam.
Again, official DENA token contract address is 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA, please check before you make any decision.

Decentralized Nations