Russia, US, Egypt 1st Round Sold Out: Founder Tax Case Explained

1st round sold out: US, Russia, Egypt

Russian Federation, United States, and Egypt

is SOLD OUT in the 1st round.

The round ends when the last national ownership allocated to the round is sold. Next round starts within 28 days after the end of the previous round.

Important to note:

  • DeNations metaverse platform will be released on 19th May. (Beta version for now and more features will be newly updated.)
  • “Register ownership” function will be available from then.
  • The status of the registered Nation Ownership for Russia, the US, and Egypt will be measured when the 2nd round starts instead of when the 1st round ends. This determines the distribution of the founder tax reward for the current round.
  • 2nd round for mentioned countries will start on UTC 8:00, 24th May.
  • Registration Duration: From 19th May to 24th May UTC 8:00 (about 6 days.)

Thus, we encourage the owners of the Russian Federation, the United States, and Egypt to register their NFT cards in order to receive the Founder Tax.

*Details about Founder Tax Reward Rule




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