North Korea Ownership NFT on Auction

  • The 10th Round of the North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is SOLD OUT. Check current top 5 owners of North Korea.
  • The remaining 100 Ownership NFTs out of the remaining 278 will be on the 1st auction on Opensea. The remaining 178 Ownerships will be on the 2nd auction.
  • Auction period: 17th September UTC 12:00 to 27th September UTC 12:00
  • Auction Token: ETH (WETH)

How to participate in the auction?

  • Fill the check box after you review the creator information.
  • If you don't have enough WETH, Opensea will kindly guide you to wrap your ETH to WETH.
  • Select ETH to wrap your ETH to WETH.
  • Fill in your bid price and place a bid. You do not need to pay for Ethereum gas fee for bidding.
  • Sign from your Ethereum Wallet
  • Your bid will appear at the Trading history
  • Become the highest bidder until the auction end date.
  • Transfer the acquired 100 X Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea Nation Ownership Voucher to below ETH address. 0xa1dacdFE5c662390aA902057D4c75ce21612E9c2
  • If you are the highest bidder but cannot meet the minimum reserve price of Opensea, Opensea will cancel the auction and you will keep your WETH. In that case, send the highest bid amount (in WETH) directly to the below ETH address.
    i. e. You will get the 100 Ownerships even if you do not meet the reserve price if you are the highest bidder.
  • DeNations team will transfer 100 North Korea Ownership NFTs within 3 business days after the auction winner transferred the Voucher NFT or the highest bid WETH successfully.




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