Nation Ownership Sharing Policy for Fast and Aggressive Ecosystem Growth

Thank you for your participation in DeNations and your strong support. DeNations believes that it is very important to bring in great talent and strategic partners and ensure that their motivation and efforts align with the successful expansion and development of the DeNations ecosystem.

Other crypto projects commonly reward key tokens (DENA for DeNations) to the team and strategic partners for this purpose.

However, these rewarded tokens can be easily sold at the market, dragging down key token’s market price and their interest in the project, which might cause a significant negative impact on the overall ecosystem.

* 0% of DENA minted at genesis was allocated to the company, team, or partner.

Thus, DeNations is sharing a certain portion of the Nation Ownership NFTs, core underlying assets of the DeNations ecosystem, with great talent and strategic partners so that they can immerse themselves in the development and growth of DeNations.

For transparency of the action, we are announcing as below:

  • NFT Ownerships up to 20% of 193 nations in terms of“DGDP-2019” can be rewarded to key partners/advisors/team during the initial 3 years.

Additionally, the following policies are added to limit the excessive influence of the team and strategic partners on the early stages of the DeNation Metaverse so that other players can compete fairly.

  • DeNations does not reward more than 2% of the total supply (20 Ownerships) to a single person for Ownership of a single nation.
  • DeNations does not reward more than 5% of the circulating supply to a single person for Ownership of a single nation.
    Ex) If 100 France Ownerships have been sold to the market, DeNations may reward up to 5 France Ownerships to a single person.




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