Nation Owners, Claim Your LAND!

DeNations LAND will be revealed soon!

  • LAND is a limited resource and each LAND is unique.
  • LAND can produce resources that are used to build infrastructure and mint civilization NFT.
  • LAND can be inhabited by people that are needed to mine resources.
  • When a specific LAND is connected with Nation Ownership, the LAND is included in the territory of the Nation.
  • Map and detailed role of the LAND will be explained in a further announcement soon (within November).

For those who have registered nation ownership by noon on November 5th, 2021(UTC), LAND in the nation’s starting territory will be airdropped!

  1. Register Nation Ownership by noon on November 5th, 2021(UTC)
  2. Nation owners will get a MINT PASS of LAND in the starting territory of the nation.
  3. Claim your favorable LAND with the MINT PASS. (coming soon)




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