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Why introducing NFT minting with DENA?

  • To provide more usage cases and value for DENA token
  • To decrease supply & increase demand for DENA by providing users motivation to lock up DENA

Benefits for participants

  • Get ownership NFTs by just depositing DENA (without paying).
  • Invest in DENA’s value appreciation.
  • Get exclusive nations that can be only minted with DNFT.
  • Since a fixed amount of DNFT is distributed per week (500 DNFT per week), the early participants can accumulate more DNFTs.

Main Steps for Ownership NFT minting

  1. Buy DENA or Farm DENA
  2. Farm DNFT by depositing DENA
  3. Mint Ownership NFTs with DNFT

About DNFT Farm

  • 500 DNFT per Week
    A total of 500 DNFT (DeNations Nation Founding Token) will be distributed equally over the week in proportion to the amount of DENA staked. The weekly rate may be adjusted to a higher number.
  • 1 DNFT =~ 1 DGDP
    With earned 100 DNFT, you may exchange approximately 100 DGDP worth of Nations Ownership. However, there might be exceptions.
  • 100 DNFT per 1 DeNation Ownership
    50 DeNations Ownership NFTs will be allocated for the start, priced at 100 DNFT per 1 DeNations Ownership. We may add more exotic Nation Ownerships buyable /exclusively buyable with DNFT.

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