LAND Mint Pass 1st Airdrop Result | 2nd Airdrop Announcement

1 min readNov 27, 2021


The 1st Airdrop Result Announcement

  1. The number of registered Ownership NFT sorted by nations at the time of the snapshot
  2. The number of airdropped LANDs sorted by nations

The 2nd Mint Pass Airdrop Snapshot Period: until Dec 7th 12:00 UTC

The 2nd Airdrop Eligibility:

  1. Nations included in the 1st airdrop (74 nations in total)
  • Newly registered Ownership NFT after the 1st airdrop snapshot
  • Compared to the 1st airdrop, the number of LAND airdropped per registered Ownership is decreased by 50% during the 2nd round.

2. Nations NOT included in the 1st airdrop (121 nations in total)

Airdrop TIPs!

  1. The higher 2019-DGDPs of the nations, the more LAND airdropped per registered Nation Ownership
  2. At the time of the snapshot, the fewer Ownership NFTs registered, the more LAND airdropped.
  • Current Registration Status (sorted by nations)

Stage After LAND Mint Pass Airdrop

Step 1. Map release & General LAND Mint Pass Pre-sale (General LAND Mint Pass: no restrictions on nations or Starting LANDs while claiming it)

Step 2. Starting LAND Mint Pass Claim (can ONLY claim the Starting LAND of that nation)

Step 3. General LAND Mint Pass Claim

Step 4: LAND Main Sale Start (players can choose LAND to purchase)