Grenada, will be released as DeNations’ 49th nation

Grenada, a Caribbean Spice island regarded as the main source of cloves, cinnamons, gingers, etc., and also famous for its coastal towns with perfect sandy beaches, is unveiled as the 49th nation of the DeNations. (sale starts at UTC 8:00 AM August 19th, 2021)

Grenada Ownership NFT will be ONLY sold in SMTS!

Please be prepared SMTS in advance.

The sale price is based on 2019 GDP while the tax rate you receive is based on current DGDP.

Search volume increase for 35% in the last 30 days compared to 2019

North America

More information about Grenada >

For the first 10 days only, you can be the owner of Grenada at a 50% discount. Only 100 limited quantities will be released in the first round and the price will go up in 10 days so hurry. Moreover, owners of 1st round can receive the Founder Tax for 2nd round.




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