Fun Fact about DENA

1. The correct pronunciation of DENA is [dɛnɑː]

2. Total Supply of DENA token = 1 Million (for 4 years)

3. DENA logo design is inspired by Rome helmets

4. DENA’s initial value was set to 1 USD

5. Origin of the token name DENA

When ancient Greece used the silver Drachma, ancient Rome began to make silver coins for trade. It was issued by the Senate in 211 BC during the Second Punic War. Then, with the reforms of Emperor Augustus, Denarius became 100 percent silver, which was maintained until the reforms of Nero.
Along with Nero’s reform, it was fallen to 92%, but its value remained almost the same. Afterwards, it fell to 70 percent from Commodus and Septimius Severus, and to 50 percent from Caracala. During Valerian’s reign, silver content fell by 5% due to stagflation followed by the defeat of the war against Sassanid Persia and the economic collapse as the emperor was captured.
Diocletian made a silver coin called Argenthus to mitigate Rome’s worst inflation and to abolish Denarius; however, Constantine the Great attempted reform again and succeeded in replacing Denarius with a solidus gold coin.
Since Denarius was a long-used currency, some countries in the former Roman sub-regions are still using it as their own currency, after Denarius. The old French coin (the denier) and the current British coin (the penny) are also motifs. Denar, the currency of the Republic of Macedonia, is also named after Denarius. In the Arab world, the currency Dinar(دينار) is used after Denarius. Dinero in Spain, Denaro in Italy, and Dinheiro in Portugal are used after Denarius.



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