Founder Tax for the U.S.

Reward date & method & amount

The U.S. owners will receive the Founder Tax on 15th June.

If the ETH account is well connected to the ChainBridge wallet, Tax will be rewarded via the ChainBridge wallet.

If the ETH account is NOT connected to the ChainBridge wallet, the amount of tax will be rewarded after the account is connected to the ChainBridge wallet successfully.

Top 5 Founder Tax (40%)+ Normal Founder Tax (60%)= Total amount of Tax Distributed(100%)

The Total amount of Tax in DENA you will receive is written below

Own more of the US Ownership NFTs & Receive more Founder Tax next time!

Founder Tax for the 3rd Round will be distributed to the owners who registered NFTs before the start of the 4th Round.

Since few supplies of the U.S. Ownership NFT are left only for the 3rd round, please check and purchase it at OpenSea

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