Founder Tax Exception Case for 2nd Round.


  • For Ownerships of a Nation which have sold greater than or equal to 100 at April 3rd 00:00 AM(UTC), there is a exception rule for 2nd Round Founder Tax.
  • Exception applies to France, Japan, Italy, India, Republic of Korea, Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Greece, China.
  • 2nd round supply for above Nation Ownerships are as below. (90 is the regular supply for the 2nd round.)
  • Ownership status to determine 2nd Round Founder Tax of above nations is measured at April 5th 08:00 AM(UTC)
    * We want to give more time for owners to register their Nation Ownerships.
  • Register your ownerships to qualify for 2nd Round Founder Tax reward.





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