Ensuring DENA utility value of 5 USD

DENA’s utility value ≥ 5 USD

  • DeNations’ newly issued NFT can be bought with several coins, including ETH, SMTS, and DENA.
  • We guarantee the minimum utility value of DENA at 5 USD when setting the price of the newly minted NFT to DENA.
  • We want support DENA’s value and the development of DeNations by this policy.

For example, the first weekly sale price of the Nation ownership NFT card of France, released by the DeNations’ Initial Nations Offering (INO), is 287 USD. Thus, the price of Nation ownership NFT card of France, which can be purchased by DENA, is set at 57.40 DENA (287 USD/5 USD).

  • Therefore, it is advantageous to purchase NFT cards using DENA over other coins if the price of DENA is less than 5 USD.
  • At the time of writing, the price of DENA traded at Uniswap is 1.48 USD.




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