Discord Moderator Volunteer

In order to expand the DeNations Discord server, DeNations decides to distribute the authorities to a few royal players who are willing to volunteer and play the role as moderators. We hope that channels in the server will be more actively managed with talented mods.


  • Active DeNations players who clearly understand the overall ecosystem of DeNations
  • Must be the owner of the nation
  • President is preferred


  • Answer the FAQ from users (how-to questions & concept questions)
  • Manage members (able to ban & kick members who violate the server rules)
  • Manage messages (able to delete ad/promotional/inappropriate message)

Detailed duties and rules will be announced later.

How to apply


1. play.denations.com account ID & Discord ID

2. Whether you are president or not

3. Whether you have a Nation Ownership card or not

4. Which timezone are you in

5. Whether you have experience of being a Discord moderator

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