Discord Invite Friends Event

Approximately USD 1,050 will be distributed to the winners.

Steps to join Discord server:

  1. Open the link and join the server
  2. Read the #rules channel
  3. React with emojis to access the rest of the channels
  4. Click #event channel

How to participate:
1. Create your own invitation link (instead of the link embedded in this article)
2. Share the link to friends
3. Join the server through the link

Number of Winners: 4 who invited friends MOST

-1st : 4 DN Ownership NFTs
-2nd : 3 DN Ownership NFTs
-3rd : 2 DN Ownership NFTs
-4th : 1 DN Ownership NFT

Event Duration: Two weeks (from 24th May to 7th June)
Value of one DN NFT Card: worth approximately USD = 105 (based on the latest selling price 24th May)

>>>>>DeNations Discord Server Link

⚠️ Keep in mind
- You MUST create your own invitation link instead of the official DeNations’ Discord link.
- The more friends you invite, the more possibilities you become a winner.
- Invited friends should NOT leave the server to be counted.
- Invited friends who are not assigned any role will not be counted.
- Before announcing the winners, invitation stats will be shown.



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