DeNations Starter Package Airdrop — Own DeNations Free

Recent Momentum of DeNations

DeNations, a blockchain-based metaverse powered with NFT and Defi , is growing and gaining it’s momentum.

Stats are measured at March 09 2021.

We want to boost this momentum by providing a starter package which includes DN Ownership NFT and DENA, the core asset of DeNations, to the Clubhouse users who are interested in NFT and Defi.

Starter Packages

Starter Packages Application Guideline

  • You CANNOT apply Basic Starter Package and Prestige Starter Package at the same time.
  • Social packages CAN be applied with other packages.
  • One person can only apply once.
  • USERS who received previous DN card airdrop CANNOT apply Basic Starter Package or Prestige Starter Package.
  • Any users can participate in Social Starter Package.

Reward Pool & Event Timeline

  • This event except Social Start Package will end when all of the reward pool is released.
  • Social Start Package will end at 2021–03–26 24:00 UTC
  • Reward Pool : 100 DN Ownerships & 400 DENA.
  • Reward will be sent to the participating Ethereum account within 3 business days after the event ends.

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