[DeNations Art Chain] Special Art NFT Airdrop Event

1 min readJul 7, 2021

How to get NFT for FREE?

Step 1: Follow DeNations Twitter & artist’s Instagram account

Step 2: Spread the link of Art Chain website

Step 3: Submit the Typeform

DeNations Art Chain Event Page


  • Number of Winners: 50 total
  • Event Duration: 7th July to 20th July
  • Value of Special Art NFT: equivalent to $20
  • Benefits of Special Art NFT: Two major in-metaverse functions “Art Farming” & “Art Index Boosting”

Important Note:

* Airdrop winners will be RANDOMLY Drawn.

* However, the more referral links you create, the higher chance to be won (Spread the link as many as possible)

100% Winning RULE:

If you have experience of bidding or purchasing digital arts on the NFT auction market & prove with auction Transaction Hash, then 100% surely can get NFT for free.

Art Chain Website Link: https://artchain.denations.com/event
DeNations Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/H6MtffFFMx