Collaboration Project: DeNations ART Chain

DeNations has newly initiated a collaboration project called DeNations Art Chain.

  • Chain-linked Art NFT Blocks
  • Art NFT by Talented artists
  • Art NFT that increase in value with time and love
  • Make the DeNations metaverse more attractive

DeNations Art Chain seeks to build a sustainable ecosystem that enables talented artists to focus on producing their NFT artworks without worrying about complicated blockchain technologies and encourages both collectors and investors to easily purchase their high-quality and valuable NFT artworks.

Metaverse properties such as Art Farming, Art DGDP Boosting, Art Index, Level, Experience, etc. make DeNations Art Blocks unique and incommensurable with other NFT artworks.

Learn more about the first artist of the Genesis block & DeNations Revenue Share Structure & Metaverse Function on the ART Chain site.

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