Art Chain DGDP Boosting LIVE NOW

Along with the Art Farming benefit, DeNations Art Chain will add the DGDP Boosting feature to give more benefits to DeNations’ players and art collectors. Therefore, players will be able to enjoy more DENA rewards since DeNations and Art Chain are actively connected through Art Chain DGDP boosting feature.

What is Art Chain DGDP Boosting?

When owners register DeNations Art Chain NFTs, just like the way they register Nation Ownership NFTs, the total DGDPs of the nation will increase.

  • Art DGDP Boost = (DGDP^Lf/Cm)*(Art Boosting Base)*(Art Index)
  • Art Boosting Base: 5%
  • Lf:0.2
  • Cm: 4.1907
  • The number of Art Chain NFT that can be attached is equal to the number of Nation Ownership NFT. (ex. 4 invincible donuts are eligible to attach for boosting when the players have registered 4 US NFT cards)
  • NO Boosting fees
  • All Art Chain NFTs are eligible for Art DGDP Boosting except open edition

Art Chain DGDP Boosting TIPS!

  • Art Boosting effect will be maximized when it is attached to a Nation with higher DGDPs.
  • Art Boosting effect will be maximized with a higher Art Index.


With an Art Index of 600 NFT,

  • DGDP of China will be increased by 27.2
  • DGDP of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be increased by 8.5

Buy Art NFTs & Enjoy DGDP Boosting

Invincible Donut NFT LIVE DROP now!

Art Index of Invincible Donut = 6,000
Art Index of each NFT = 1,200



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