[Airdrop] Taiwan & Palestine Nation Ownership NFT Newly Released

931 Taiwan Ownership NFT & 931 Palestine Ownership NFT Airdrop Completed!

DeNations decided not to limit its concept of 193 nations defined by the United Nations. Therefore, nations with three key elements of sovereignty, territory, and people will be considered and added to the DeNations’ metaverse.

From this update, Taiwan and Palestine were newly added to DeNations as the 194th and 195th nations.

Taiwan and Palestine NFTs were NOT for sale but airdropped to the DeNations’ players in accordance with the registered DGDPs.

Nation owners who did NOT receive NFT airdrop were disqualified because the registered DGDPs were too low. However, there will be a raffle for 138 NFTs (Taiwan 69 + Palestine 69). The raffle winner will receive 2 NFTs in total (1 NFT per nation).

Please check your ETH account with registered DGDPs and the number of Airdropped NFTs!



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