As the DeNations team announced about the “DENA Buyback Policy” before, we successfully executed the buyback of DENA to support its value. Recently, we have added new budgets for accelerating the buyback & burn. The new budgets will be utilized for future buybacks.

Details are following

Important to note

  • Buyback execution may happen at arbitrary times at our discretion without prior notice to prevent abusing activity of arbitrage players. Buyback frequency may be also arbitrary.
  • Next Buyback Execution may also happen arbitrarily without prior notice.

Past Buybacks

Congratulations that you’ve won the DeNations’ 2nd Land Mint Pass raffle event.

We apologize for the delay. There were many suspicious activities and took a long time to filter out those entries for the 2nd raffle event. Please note that entrants must fulfill all the requirements, and we are very strict about drawing the winners.



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