Both events END within a few hours!

Participate to get DeNations LAND Mint Pass airdropped.

1. LAND Mint Pass Raffle Event

150 winners will be able to receive LAND Mint Pass NFT in rewards.

Raffle End: 12:00 UTC, December 7th, 2021

⬇️ Participate right now ⬇️

DeNations’ Land NFT Mint Pass Airdrop Event (

2. The 2nd Mint Pass Airdrop Snapshot

Register your Nation Ownership NFT at before the snapshot ends, then LAND Mint Pass will be 100% airdropped!

Snapshot End: 12:00 UTC, December 7th, 2021

Check the 1st Mint Pass Airdrop Result >

Purchase Nation Ownership NFT >

Register Nation Ownership NFT >

The 1st Airdrop Result Announcement

  1. The number of registered Ownership NFT sorted by nations at the time of the snapshot
  2. The number of airdropped LANDs sorted by nations

The 2nd Mint Pass Airdrop Snapshot Period: until Dec 7th 12:00 UTC

The 2nd Airdrop Eligibility:

  1. Nations included in the 1st airdrop (74 nations in total)
  • Newly registered Ownership NFT after the 1st airdrop snapshot
  • Compared to the 1st airdrop, the number…

In order to mitigate and solve the problem of the high gas fee, the DeNations team decides to utilize Polygon Matic network to mint the Art Chain NFTs.

There must be someone new to this, in order to purchase Art Chain NFT on the Polygon network at OpenSea market, you first need to transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon. Please refer to the OpenSea support article, which provides detailed descriptions with screen captures. If you are still confused after reading the article, you can ask for support on the official Discord server.


Artist Jae Yong Kim’s Donut NFT Drop Release Date & Details

The Invincible Donuts: 25 Days of Colorful Journey


Starting from November 25th, 25 different Donut NFTs will be released and dropped daily for 25 days excluding weekends. The Colorful Journey of Invincible Donuts ends on December 29th.

First Drop: November 25th 3:00 AM UTC
Last Drop: December 29th

931 Taiwan Ownership NFT & 931 Palestine Ownership NFT Airdrop Completed!

DeNations decided not to limit its concept of 193 nations defined by the United Nations. Therefore, nations with three key elements of sovereignty, territory, and people will be considered and added to the DeNations’ metaverse.

From this update, Taiwan and Palestine were newly added to DeNations as the 194th and 195th nations.

Taiwan and Palestine NFTs were NOT for sale but airdropped to the DeNations’ players in accordance with the registered DGDPs.

Nation owners who did NOT receive NFT airdrop were disqualified because the registered DGDPs were…


Decentralized Nations by Smatoos - Collect, Play, Earn with your cities and nations represented by NFT token.

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